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Rotterdam to Newcastle

Rotterdam to Newcastle:

Departure from Rotterdam (July 8, 2024)
On July 8, just before 12:00, we arrived at Parkhaven in Rotterdam. Originally, we planned to sail to Lowestoft on July 9. Due to the expected bad weather, we changed our plan and decided to depart directly to Newcastle on July 8. 

Immigration Formalities
In Parkhaven, there is a immigration office where we had our passports stamped as we were leaving the country. This process went smoothly, and within half an hour, we were ready to depart. 

Departure to England
We sailed down the Nieuwe Maas at a speed of approximately 10 knots. We reported to all harbor posts, but there were no notable incidents. Upon reaching the Maasmond, we felt the swell of the sea. Although the waves were not extremely high, it confirmed that we were heading out to sea. Coincidentally, a Stena Line ferry departed alongside us, also en route to England. 

Crossing the North Sea
After an hour at sea, the Gecko performed well. We passed an anchorage area for ships waiting to enter the port of Rotterdam. This allowed us to get close to the large vessels without any danger. 

The conditions on the North Sea were favorable: little swell and few other ships, making it perfect for a first crossing. This allowed us to get used to each other and the Gecko. There was some traffic at the shipping lanes, but it was not busy, allowing us to cross without any issues.

Night at Sea
As evening fell, we enjoyed a beautiful sunset with a golden glow over the white Elling. The Gecko and crew prepared for the night. The sea was calm, the weather clear, and the wind was 2-2 bft. We had reached English waters, which we noticed as we passed many English oil platforms. Some of these platforms were enormous, something we had never seen before.


The Next Day (July 9, 2024)
The next day brought significantly more wind (5 bft) from starboard aft. This created higher waves, and we often surfed on these waves. The top speed we observed was 17 knots GPS speed. We greatly appreciated the DMS stabilizers.

Final Stretch
We approached the port of Newcastle, and the Gecko had performed admirably. This was the first time I had sailed at night with an Elling E6. At night, I especially noticed how quiet the boat was, not just the engine noise, but also the lack of vibration from wave contact. Despite the large waves coming from the quarter, the Gecko held its course and did not deviate.

Arrival Newcastle
We surfed into the port of Newcastle, and after nearly 300 miles from Rotterdam, we had solid ground under our feet again. Currently, we are docked with the Gecko in the center of Newcastle, where we will stay for now due to the weather. It is still unclear when we will continue our journey, but we will certainly remain in Newcastle for the weekend.

For those who want to follow us, you can do so via Marine Traffic. Our MMSI number is 232044857.