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Yacht management


Van der Zee Yachting specializes in yacht management. Each vessel has different needs. Therefore we deliver customized solutions. Your yacht will be included in our own fleet and we will make sure it complies with all rules and regulations.


It is very important that a yacht looks good and is in a perfect condition. Van der Zee Yachting works with the best skilled people who will take care of the maintenance, cleaning, replacing parts, etc. of your yacht.

Van der Zee Yachting specializes in taking tasks off your hands.


Should you be unable to sail yourself, or prefer not to sail yourself, Van der Zee Yachting can provide you with a professional and experienced crew. This is the ultimate feeling of luxury on board of your own yacht.


It is very important to have all the necessary documents on board when you go sailing. Van der Zee Yachting will make sure you have all the required certificates and documents. We will also provide you with a clear overview of all costs for your ship. All invoices will be carefully checked before issuing them to you.