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Antwerp is a historical city center in the Flemish region of Belgium. As a result, there are a lot of interesting museums and sights. Exactly the places where we would like to take you. Antwerp is located on the river Scheldt and has a challenging sailing area. The Scheldt flows into the Westerschelde. The Westerschelde is an important connection between Antwerp and Vlissingen. Large ocean-going vessels must pass through the Western Scheldt to go from sea to land or vice versa. In addition, there is a considerable current.


Before we depart from Willemstad, we make sure to make do the finishing touches together. The same afternoon we sail to Tholen. After an overnight stay in Tholen we leave for Antwerp, it is just over 20 miles sailing. The next day we stay a whole day in Antwerp to explore the city and participate in excursions. The next day we will depart for a long sailing trip of ±50 Mile. We go from Antwerp to Vlissingen. Vlissingen is famous for Michiel de Ruyter. Then we go out to sea to Nieuwpoort. In Nieuwpoort we will stay an extra day. Then we start our return trip by sailing to Zeebrugge. After Zeebrugge, we set sail for Zierikzee and on the last day we sail back to Willemstad.

A journey into a rich history.


During the trip several excursions are organized in which you can participate without any obligation. Some of the excursions are: museums, tastings, sightseeing and guided tours. These excursions always take place near the berths of our ships.

Travel information

Datum: Mei 2023
Duration: 9 days
Aantal Boten: 12 Boten